Terms and Conditions

Our site is designed to provide the services and sufficient information about the products but there are certain rules and regulation that consumers are required to follow. In order to function appropriately Ayana Overseas reserves the right to make changes in the policies from time to time. Customers should accustom themselves from procedures and policies attached to the products. Ayana Overseas provides complete and general information which users should follow. These terms and conditions are not designed to confine or amend the facilities or services that are provided to customers. So, the responsibility lies on the customer’s side to cross check the terms and conditions before buying any product or obtaining any service.

Age Limit to Transact:

  • User must have attained the age of 18, in other words should be major to abide the terms and conditions.
  • In the condition of accepting the terms by consumers, it is assumed that they major and above 18 years of age.
  • In case of breakage or mishandling, Ayana Overseas preserves its right to recompense the losses from parents of minor.

Placement of Order

  • Order can be placed by filling the customer detail form provided on Check Out page. After placing an order consumer can receive computer generated order number through email.
  • Related information about the payment and delivery of the product would be provided to purchaser through email.
  • In case of any kind of rejection of order after making payment, one can contact through email.

Payment Procedure

Payment procedure is quiet easy at Ayana Overseas. We use PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer and other popular payment Gateways to process payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking & Phone Banking.

Complete information about the payment is required before entertaining any kind of order.

If the order is placed in weekend or on holidays then in that case processing of order will start on next working day.

Product Delivery

Products are shipped from our end the same day after confirmation of payment. Product/products are delivered within least possible time through our associated shipping partners such as FedEx and DHL.

Delivery of order should be taken in person. In case of non presence any authorized person should be available on behalf of customer.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Customers are advised to go through the terms thoroughly before placing each order. As stated earlier, Ayana Overseas preserves the right to make changes in terms and conditions regarding products payment, its delivery and its availability.

Some Important Terms to Be Kept In Mind

Complains related to products are accepted only when the product is not opened or damaged.

Customer Support service is provided and customer can contact them through the mail.

In case of delivery of different product, we accept complain via mail and suitable service is provided accordingly.

In case wrong shipment of product is made or product delivered is different from the samples shown on the websites, then we will return the product or exchange it according to the customer’s demand.

In case of exchange or mismatch of product, replacement can be done within 15 days after receiving the product.

Exchange of product can be entertained through Customer Services only within 15 days in case of any kind of damages.

Refunds are made to customer in the same way payment of product is being done. But, while paying back through PayPal, Ayana Overseas is not responsible for late payment, since PayPal account is used to refund the amount.